Follow these simple steps to create a unique charm bracelet, which will have a special meaning for you.

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1. To create a charm bracelet, please first choose your base, silver bracelet, gold bracelet or two-tone bracelet.

2. Therefore, you can add the charm'sPrincesse Lou has selected more than 800 charms, you can choose from the glass beadsMurano and lampwork according to their colors, materials and themes, you are assured to find one for each of the unforgettable moments of your life!

3. The dangles charm's or dangles or charms:
Add volume and fashion style to your charms bracelet by choosing one or more dangle charm.

4.The spacers :
Spacers are thinner than the charms. Ring-shaped, they serve to highlight other jewelry charms and dangles for your bracelet.

5. The clips or clippers or stoppers:
The clips are not essential but they can balance the charms on a bracelet which will thus be divided into several sections. The clips will prevent the jewelry slipping on the same side. 925 silver bracelets and some models of silver plated bracelets feature 2 "thread" on which you can easily hang your clips.

6. The safety chain or chain of convenience or security chain:
The safety chain is essential to your bracelet! It first allows to avoid losing your bracelet if it were to accidentally open, it blocks the charms on bracelet. The safety chain is useful since an aesthetic point of view adds a finishing touch to your jewelry.

You know all about How to create a charm bracelet ! Your turn, starting with choosing your charm bracelet!

, Beads, Spacers, DanglesClips and Safety Chains on sale at the Princesse Lou e-shop are compatible with Pandora Braceletscompatible with Soufeel bracelets and compatible with Trollbeads bracelets.

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